Bob Mallett Tribute to Rock n Roll

Dedicated to my friends and backing group the Tank Park Shufflers of A Sqn 17th/21st Lancers (Death or Glory) 1984 - 1993

Bob returns to the circuit after his tour of duty in Afghanistan on Herrick 16. He brings a new dynamic approach to his...

Tribute To Rock n Roll show.

An established act and all round entertainer who has worked the pubs and clubs and Festivals national/International.

Toured Germany with a Tribute to Elvis 68 Special -One Nite With You

Auditioned and was successful in appearing on stage through King Arthur Promotions as Eddie Cochran/Big Bopper and Elvis 68 Special

Wrote the Rock n Roll is Here to stay show and with the support of his good friends Rebel Dean (That'll be the Day/Rockin on Heavens Door) and Marc Robinson (Buddy Holly Show/Winter Dance Party) and the backing of King Arthur Promotions was able to produce and perform the shows.

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